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Meet Our Residents

Come and visit us at Redgate Farm Animal Sanctuary. We also have a page showing all the animals we have recently rehomed and a page to remember those who are no longer with us - the remembrance page.

FlossieFlossie Flossie
Flossie is a bay mare who has found herself back at the sanctuary after having been re-homed as a foal. After many years away in different homes she found herself living in Wales before making her ... view »

Cloud Cloud
Cloud is one of our biggest sheep, who spends his days in the sanctuary fields with his fellow sheep friends. Cloud was only a few weeks old when he arrived at the Sanctuary view »

Basher Basher
Basher has been at the sanctuary for many years now, and is our oldest goat in the herd. He is very affectionate with people and loves nothing better than lots of cuddles view »

WilliamWilliam William
William is a bay gelding and our tallest horse standing at around 16.2 hands. He has a personality to match his size and is a feisty chap who loves to play boss over the other horses and staff alik... view »

Millie Millie
Millie is a chestnut mare and is one of our longest staying equine residents. Millie was born on the 18th of May 1991 and stands at 15.3 hands. She suffers from being slightly overweight but every ... view »

LadyLady Lady
Lady is a bay mare who arrived at the sanctuary in March 2012. She is a Hackney cross welsh breed and stands at 13.2 hands. Lady used to be a ride and drive carriage pony which she used to be quite... view »

MillieMillie Millie
Millie is the lead goat in the sanctuary and is a friendly inquisitive goat who loves spending her time in the paddock and she is always first to the food bowls ! view »

SnowdropSnowdrop Snowdrop
Snowdrop is a friendly and inquisitive goat who will greet you at the paddock fence for a little fuss. Snowdrop's mother (Shandy) and father (Gary) came into the sanctuary together view »

SheepSheep Sheep
We have three lovely sheep at the sanctuary who all came to us due to different circumstances. All of our sheep are very friendly and get a plenty of fuss view »

DucksDucks Ducks
We currently have a variety of drakes with the odd duck in our pond who are available for re-homing. New potential owners will be asked to provide photos of accommodation prior to any ducks being r... view »

RabbitsRabbits Rabbits
We have different female rabbits available for adoption from 4 months old upwards. One black and white is a lion head cross. You are welcome to come and view the rabbits as all are very social. view »

Rudolph the Cockerel Rudolph the Cockerel
Rudolph is a lovely big cockerel who likes to take care of everyone in his paddock. He does this for girls and boys so there is a mix in there with him view »

Annie Annie
Annie is our female sheep who is a playful girl even though she is getting on in years view »

HumphreyHumphrey Humphrey
Humphrey is a very friendly large rabbit who like being stroked and treats. He is neutered and runs with his two best pals. He has a nice big run to play in and we have to check his ears regularly ... view »

Bantam Cockerels Available Bantam Cockerels Available
We have various pure breed cockerels looking to be adopted by their forever home including silkies, booted bantams and an orpington. As well as handsome crosses view »

Sid Sid
Sid is certainly one of our cheeky chappies on the site who loves treats and food! He is easily recognised due to his markings and he is great pals with Cloud. view »

Happy & SlyHappy & Sly Happy & Sly
This boy and girl are not related but have to be re-homed together as they are bonded that we can not part them. Their owners have divorced and now can not keep their pets view »

William William
William is currently a 10 week old kitten who is shy to strangers. He is a very handsome black and white boy who needs a special home to allow him to settle at his own place view »

Malio Malio
Malio arrived living as a stray and full of matts. He was very anxious when he first came in but now loves fuss. But still needs a patient owner to allow him to continue believing humans are okay view »

Billy Billy
Billy has lived a long time as a stray. He came in while he was camping on a local golf course. Sadly he had a cat flu infection but just over 5 weeks of antibiotics it has moved on view »

Missy Missy
The owner of Missy sadly passed away at Leicester Royal Infirmary and with no relatives we agreed to take her here. She is very loving and will be a fabulous companion to anyone as a very loyal cat. view »

Lola & RayrayLola & Rayray Lola & Rayray
Lola and Rayray's owner sadly was taken into the LOROS hospital as terminally ill. A friend asked us to take them. They are both very friendly but have to go together as Lola bond is very strong to... view »

Snarf Snarf
Snarf was living as a stray and was full of knots and ticks when he came in. He is a lovely boy who deserves a fabulous home view »

Trevor & SimonTrevor & Simon Trevor & Simon
These two brothers were living as strays in Loughbourgh because un neuteured cats had been allowed to breed care from owners. They do not need to be rehomed together view »

Max Max
Max is a Black cat who is nervous of strangers but then very loving. A family who owned him moved away and left him. A neighbour took on feeding him but could not adopt him so she brought him to us. view »

Kiya Kiya
Kiya is friendly blue and white tabby boy who is 7 months old. The family who owned him had too many commitments to take care of him so asked us to take him on view »

Scott Scott
Scott is a Norfolk Bronze Turkey rescued from being someone's dinner. He is friendly and wanders the site. view »

Millie Millie
Millie is a 8 month old tabby and white female kitten. She has been a house cat all her life so far. She is very friendly and social with lots of cuddles and play. view »

Stanley Stanley
Lovely boy who needs a lot of fuss and attention. He likes his food and comfort. He has been a stray for some time sadly but we can not work out why ? view »

Pair of Brahma Chickens Pair of Brahma Chickens
Blue partridge cockerel and pyle pullet to be re homed together as have a strong bond together. Very good natured and she has started laying. view »

Our Latest Residents

Pair of Brahma Chickens Pair of Brahma Chickens

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Stanley Stanley

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Millie Millie

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Kiya Kiya

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Max Max

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Meet Our Residents

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