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Meet Our Residents

Come and visit us at Redgate Farm Animal Sanctuary. We also have a page showing all the animals we have recently rehomed and a page to remember those who are no longer with us - the remembrance page.

FlossieFlossie Flossie
Flossie is a bay mare who has found herself back at the sanctuary after having been re-homed as a foal. After many years away in different homes she found herself living in Wales before making her ... view »

Cloud Cloud
Cloud is one of our biggest sheep, who spends his days in the sanctuary fields with his fellow sheep friends. Cloud was only a few weeks old when he arrived at the Sanctuary view »

Basher Basher
Basher has been at the sanctuary for many years now, and is our oldest goat in the herd. He is very affectionate with people and loves nothing better than lots of cuddles view »

WilburWilbur Wilbur
Please meet our new pig who have arrived to us in the winter of 2013 and was believed to be a breed of micro pig. Wilbur is a very confident, and social little fellow, always happy to see you view »

WilliamWilliam William
William is a bay gelding and our tallest horse standing at around 16.2 hands. He has a personality to match his size and is a feisty chap who loves to play boss over the other horses and staff alik... view »

Millie Millie
Millie is a chestnut mare and is one of our longest staying equine residents. Millie was born on the 18th of May 1991 and stands at 15.3 hands. She suffers from being slightly overweight but every ... view »

LadyLady Lady
Lady is a bay mare who arrived at the sanctuary in March 2012. She is a Hackney cross welsh breed and stands at 13.2 hands. Lady used to be a ride and drive carriage pony which she used to be quite... view »

MillieMillie Millie
Millie is the lead goat in the sanctuary and is a friendly inquisitive goat who loves spending her time in the paddock and she is always first to the food bowls ! view »

SnowdropSnowdrop Snowdrop
Snowdrop is a friendly and inquisitive goat who will greet you at the paddock fence for a little fuss. Her sister Millie is also at the sanctuary. Snowdrop has allergy problems and has prescribed m... view »

WoodyWoody Woody
Woody came to the sanctuary as yet another "micro pig" who soon grew larger than expected and also did not want to share his home with the family dog. He is a very nosy boy as you can see in the ph... view »

DucksDucks Ducks
We currently have a variety of ducks in our pond who are available for re-homing. New potential owners will be asked to provide photos of accommodation prior to any ducks being re-homed. view »

RabbitsRabbits Rabbits
We have different female rabbits available for adoption from 4 months old upwards. One black and white is a lion head cross, another is a Flemish Giant and a black lop view »

Rudolph the Cockerel Rudolph the Cockerel
Rudolph is a lovely big cockerel who likes to take care of everyone in his paddock. He does this for girls and boys so there is a mix in there with him view »

Annie Annie
Annie is our female sheep who is a playful girl even though she is getting on in years view »

Beautiful KittensBeautiful Kittens Beautiful Kittens
Beautiful kittens – all shapes, sizes and personalities – some ready for re-homing now, and more coming up for re-homing in the weeks to come. All kittens are neutered, vaccinated and litter tray t... view »

HumphreyHumphrey Humphrey
Humphrey is a very friendly large rabbit who like being stroked and treats. He is neutered and runs with his two best pals. He has a nice big run to play in and we have to check his ears regularly ... view »

Bantam Hens and Cockerels AvailableBantam Hens and Cockerels Available Bantam Hens and Cockerels Available
We have various pure breed chickens looking to be adopted by their forever home including silkies, booted bantams, pekins as well as commercial hybrids. Sponsorship is available for the poultry area view »

Sid Sid
Sid is certainly one of our cheeky chappies on the site who loves treats and food! He is easily recognised due to his markings and he is great pals with Cloud. view »

Ginger & StormGinger & Storm Ginger & Storm
Ginger is a black and white cat who is three years old. Her two year old daughter, Storm is blue and white. The two cats came from a family with young children view »

TimTim Tim
Tim was bought for a young girl who lost interest after a few months and her mum could not take care of him because of her asthma. He is still a youngster but needs more handling view »

BaxterBaxter Baxter
This handsome rabbit is called Baxter. He is a rex breed, having really soft fur. He is between 3 and 4 years old and is a neutered male. Baxter is fine with being fussed but not with being picked ... view »

Our Latest Residents

Baxter Baxter

Available for Re-homing

Tim Tim

Available for Re-homing

Ginger & Storm Ginger & Storm

Available Soon

Bantam Hens and Cockerels Available Bantam Hens and Cockerels Available

Available for Re-homing

Beautiful Kittens Beautiful Kittens

Available Soon

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Meet Our Residents

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