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Meet Our Residents

Come and visit us at Redgate Farm Animal Sanctuary. We also have a page showing all the animals we have recently rehomed and a page to remember those who are no longer with us - the remembrance page.

FlossieFlossie Flossie
Flossie is a bay mare who has found herself back at the sanctuary after having been re-homed as a foal almost 13 years ago. After many years away in different homes she found herself living in Wale... view »

CloudCloud Cloud
Cloud is one of our biggest sheep, who spends his days in the sanctuary fields with five of his fellow sheep friends. Cloud was only a few weeks old when he arrived at the Sanctuary 7 years ago view »

BasherBasher Basher
Basher has been at the sanctuary for many years now, and is our oldest goat in the herd. He is very affectionate with people and loves nothing better than lots of cuddles view »

WilburWilbur Wilbur
Please meet our new pig who have arrived to us in the winter of 2013 he is 4 years old, and was believed to be a breed of micro pig. Wilbur has settled in very well, and hogs all the attention, he ... view »

DexterDexter Dexter
Dexter is a black gelding and currently the smallest horse on our yard standing at just 11 hands. He was born in 1996. Although still being a young pony Dexter already has started to get grey hair ... view »

WilliamWilliam William
William is a bay gelding and our tallest horse standing at around 16.2 hands. He has a personality to match his size and is a feisty chap who loves to play boss over the other horses and staff alik... view »

MillieMillie Millie
Millie is a chestnut mare and is one of our longest staying equine residents. Millie was born on the 18th of May 1991 and stands at 15.3 hands. She suffers from being slightly overweight but every ... view »

BellaBella Bella
Bella is a grey mare Arab cross and stands at 14.2 hands. She was born in 1987 and is the sanctuary's longest equine resident. She has seen many friends come and, sadly, go and is a much loved memb... view »

LadyLady Lady
Lady is a bay mare who arrived at the sanctuary in March 2012. She is a Hackney cross welsh breed and stands at 13.2 hands. Lady used to be a ride and drive carriage pony which she used to be quite... view »

LottieLottie Lottie
Lottie is a black mare and the youngest horse on our yard who was born in 2000. She stands at 13.1 hands and is a Welsh section B cross. Although Lottie is still young she is now retired due to an ... view »

NormanNorman Norman
Norman is a male Holstein Friesian who was born on the 20th of December 2009. He is our biggest cow towering above fellow cow Tia as well as all our horses and most of the staff view »

TiaTia Tia
Tia is a Dexter cow and was born on the 18th of March 1997. She is the sanctuary's longest living resident having arrived when she was just 4 years old view »

RoloRolo Rolo
Little Rolo is a young pygmy goat and certainly the most handsome of our goats. He is very vocal and despite his size will make his presence known to our staff and visitors view »

MillieMillie Millie
Millie arrived at the sanctuary with her two sheep friends Sid and Della. She is a very friendly and inquisitive goat who loves spending her time in the paddock with the goats view »

SnowdropSnowdrop Snowdrop
Snowdrop was born at the sanctuary around 10 years ago, and up until recently has lived with her mum, until we sadly lost her in early 2106. Snowdrop has coped very well with the loss and takes com... view »

WoodyWoody Woody
Woody came to the sanctuary as yet another "micro pig" who soon grew larger than expected and also did not want to share his home with the family dog. He is a very nosy boy as you can see in the ph... view »

SheepSheep Sheep
We have 6 lovely sheep at the sanctuary who all came to us due to different circumstances. Some of them arrived at the sanctuary as lambs and are enjoying a very long life here at the farm view »

Gordon Gordon
Meet Gordon one of our current geese. He is a quite chap who enjoys life around our pond with his female friend Jamima. view »

DucksDucks Ducks
We have currently have in a variety of ducks in various groups available for rehoming. New potential owners will be asked to provide photos of accommodation and housing prior to any ducks being re-... view »

Cockerels Cockerels
On your visit to the sanctuary, you will meet Columbo and his best friend Marg the hen. They spend their days together walking round the sanctuary together during the day, they are very friendly, a... view »

GeeseGeese Geese
We have a group of 4 Geese that happily wonder around their grass paddock, with fellow duck friend Ducky Doo. They are all available for rehoming but must be rehomed as a group view »

Pepsi and MindyPepsi and Mindy Pepsi and Mindy
Meet the duo of Pepsi and Mindy. Both are 6 year old although they are not related. Pepsi is a black and white, and Mindy is the tortoiseshell and white view »

TillyTilly Tilly
Meet Tilly a little female feline. She is a little black and white DSH. Who is estimated to be around 12 years old. Tilly has been vaccinated and will be spayed before she is re-homed view »

Evie Evie
Say a quiet Hello to Evie. She is a very striking Semi long-haired tabby cat. Evie has been spayed, vaccinated and is micro-chipped. Evie is a very unsure cat at the moment being very timid around ... view »

Jet and SmudgeJet and Smudge Jet and Smudge
Smudge and Jet are looking for a new start to their lives together. Both cats arrived in quite a sorry state, as their owner became to ill to care for them view »

PocoPoco Poco
Meet Poco, he is 12 years old, and has very striking lovely bold markings. He has always been an only cat but is proving that he doesn't mind sharing his living space with others view »

Fluffy and PepperFluffy and Pepper Fluffy and Pepper
Say Hello to Fluffy and Pepper, they are sisters, but from a different set of litters. Fluffy is the younger sister at 4 years old and Pepper is older at around 4 1/2 years old view »

Marg and ColumboMarg and Columbo Marg and Columbo
Marg is one of our chicken residents and can be found happily wandering the Sanctuary during the day with her best friend Columbo the cockerel. See if you can spot them on your visit. view »

TimmyTimmy Timmy
Timmy arrived to the sanctuary in July 2016, and is one of our mature goats at 9 years old. He has a lovely long black and white coat, and does enjoy a good brush from the staff view »

BarneyBarney Barney
Barney arrived to the sanctuary after his brother sadly passed away in 2016, and because goats get very lonley on their own he is now happy again within the sanctuary herd, and he is actually the a... view »

Larry Larry
Larry is one of our largest sheep here at the sanctuary, but he is very friendly and nosey too. He likes to keep an eye out for visitors, and he is usually first in the flock to come running to gre... view »

Our Latest Residents

Fluffy and Pepper Fluffy and Pepper

Available for Re-homing

Poco Poco

Available for Re-homing

Jet and Smudge Jet and Smudge


Evie Evie

Available for Re-homing

Tilly Tilly

Available for Re-homing

Meet Our Residents

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