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Meet Topaz...



Topaz is a grey gelding and one of our older horses at the sanctuary. He has lived a full and exiting life as a fair pony before arriving at Redgate. Nothing seems to phase him and he takes life in his own stride. Topaz stands at 13.2 hands and is coming up to his 30th birthday. Although he is more advanced in years it still enjoys his days in the field and sometimes can be seen rolling or breaking into a leisurely canter. Topaz has made friends with Dexter the Shetland Pony and Tia the cow as well as our flock of sheep. Although Topaz now lives at the sanctuary his former owner still visits him on a regular basis and still forms a big part of his life. This week (27/11/14) we said a very sad Goodbye to one of the Sanctuary's oldest residents. We sadly report that Topaz our much loved pony went down in his stable for the second time in a week and was unable to get up second time around. He was obviously very distressed and it was decided between staff and the vets that the kindest decision was to let him go. It was a very hard decision to make, but Topaz had lived a very eventful and fun filled life. With most people that you talked too having a story to tell about him throughout various parts of his life. Topaz touched so many people and he will be in their hearts for a very long time. Topaz had such character going wherever Topaz wanted to go, be it into the field, in the feed room or just a general walk around the yard. Topaz loved being out in the field and even though many years older than the other horses he still enjoyed running around and chasing the others around, truly young at heart. Although no longer with us he will never be forgotten here at the sanctuary. He will be missed most by the staff (who were all with him during his last moments making sure he didn't feel alone but assured and loved) his previous family who still remained a very big part of his life, who regularly visited him and supported us throughout his time with us, and of course our volunteers! If feels very strange walking onto the horse yard not seeing our old friend looking over his door waiting for his breakfast. But we hope he's found his former paddock mates Captain and Sooty who I'm sure would have been waiting at heavens gates to reunite with him! We'll forever miss you Topaz,

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