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Meet Clint...



Meet the sanctuary's eldest Bunny resident. Clint was sadly found as a stray and handed into us by a member of the public after he was found dumped on the side of the road. Clint is estimated to be no younger than 5 years old but this is just an estimate. He is a black lop. He is very friendly and enjoys a good run around. He has been to the vets several time due to having respiratory upsets. but after three different types of antibiotic and him still displaying the same symptoms the vets say he is likely to have a snuffly nose fort he rest of his life this doesn't seem to bother him but h may require some medication every now and then, so new potential owners must be prepared for this. And they are happy for him to be re-homed. If you can give Clint a happy ending he so deserves please coe along and meet him.

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