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Meet Pepsi and Mindy...


Pepsi and Mindy
Pepsi and Mindy Pepsi and Mindy Pepsi and Mindy Pepsi and Mindy

Meet the duo of Pepsi and Mindy. Both are 6 year old although they are not related. Pepsi is a black and white, and Mindy is the tortoiseshell and white .Pepsi is in good health but does have a sore area under one of her front legs, the vet has confirmed it is a stress related condition that will flare up at times of unease. Pepsi has medication to help her skin heal back to health. Pepsi and Mindy are in real need of a loving quiet forever home, with reassuring compassionate owners to help Pepsi feel secure, happy and stress free. Please ask for Hayley at the Sanctuary, if you are looking to adopt this lovely feline duo. Both are very friendly and always come over to greet you when you enter their cattery. Mindy won't let you walk by without reaching her paw out to you to say hello. They are very affectionate towards each other and to people they meet, and are both very vocal at breakfast and diner times.

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