If you are thinking of donating to the sanctuary, we have a wish current list of

Kitten meat and kitten biscuits.

As we have 11 kitten's at the sanctuary at present, that are starting to get their own little appetites for solid food, along with their mums milk too.

And it goes without saying, but kitten toys are also very much appreciated donations.

Although the kitten's are not old enough to be rehomed yet, you can contact Hayley at the sanctuary with any questions on 01530 243925.

When the kitten's are ready to be rehomed, details will appear on the website, so please watch this space........

Our Latest Residents

Fluffy and Pepper Fluffy and Pepper

Available for Re-homing

Poco Poco

Available for Re-homing

Jet and Smudge Jet and Smudge


Evie Evie

Available for Re-homing

Tilly Tilly

Available for Re-homing

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Meet The Residents

Meet the Residents

We have many cats, rabbits and poultry all looking for loving new homes

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